Past & Present 
Polcann's Hippity Dippity-D of DiSaronno - Retired
Can not Thank Bob and Joyce Polcaro enough for this boy. Dee is a nice size boy at 13 pounds, beautiful boning, massive head size. I did attempt to show him but unfortunately, he did not do well with the loud speakers in the show hall. He was too anxious so I decided it was best not to stress him.
GC DiSaronno's He's So Hot Right Now! aka Hansel
Now living with Christye.
GC DiSaronno's TwinkleMyLights aka Peanut
Best BlueCream for 2013-1014
Third Best Parti-Color 2013-2014

CH DiSaronno's Pour Some Sugar on Me
aka Sugar
She will be shown again when done breeding

CH Liv'n Love Mein Schatz of Disaronno aka C.C.
Thank you Debra for this sweet girl.
GC DiSaronno's Some Kinda Wonderful  aka Peeta
Two Show Grand
Thank you Kirstin and Emma.
Now living with Celeste .
CH DiSaronno Simply Irresist 'ABELL"
aka Bell   

GC Genesaqua's Sappheiros of Disaronno
aka Sapphire
Thank you Lisa for entrusting us with this boy!

GC Di-Saronno's Erebus
Retired Now living with Kathleen

CH Disaronno's Caped Crusader   aka "Batman"
Grand pointed           In his new home
CH Disaronno's Winter Lager   aka "Winter"
Grand pointed
Now showing
Due to Covid was not able to finish showing