Polcann's Hippity Dippity-D of DiSaronno
Showing in Region 7
"Dee"  had an attack of stress during the Miami Florida Cat Fancier's Show in Febuary 2011.
I can not thank Bob and Joyce Polcaro enough for entrusting me with this beautiful boy. They have given me much needed support when I could not find it elsewhere.

GC Disaronno's He's So Hot Right Now!

CH Disaronno's Seventh Heaven of Central Park
Thank you Emma and Kirsten for showing her so beautifully.
CH Disaronno's Cosmic Bliss of Jadecats
aka 'Piper'

GC Valmori's Rudy
Thank you so much Sonia and Bob for entrusting me with this boy.
Shown by Bob Baratto in region 7

GC Last Call's Margharita of Disaronno
One Show Grand
CH Esta Valley's Oh Please of Disaronno
GC Disaronno's TwinkleMyLights
in Lakeland 2014

CH DiSaronnos Pour Some Sugar on Me
Grand Pointed
Will finish when she is done breeding
CH DiSaronno's Moon Glow of Shoshoni
Owner: Willow and Celeste Millerr
GC DiSaronnos Dunkin Donut of Masabeli
Owner: Staci Taylor
CH/GrandPointed DiSaronno's Hocus Pocus of Masabeli
Owner: Staci Taylor
GC DiSaronno's Some Kinda Wonderful
Two Show Grand
GC Di-Saronno's Erebus
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CH Di-saronno's Caped Crusader
Grand Pointed