The Cost of Breeding a Pedigreed Cat
Where does your Money go?

Breeding is a hobby, not a business. I feel the need to help pet seekers understand the prices of our pedigreed cats.
Although I have always had Persians as pets in my life, I had no clue what I had gotten into when I took on buying my first breeding pair and preparing to show my cats. I thought things would be easy.  I was in for the shock of my life!
When purchasing breed/show  stock of good quality and I mean good not even great quality stock, a breeder can plan on paying anywhere from 1800.00-3000.00 for one cat. Buying two cats is the easy part.
Hopefully these cats are healthy. It still initially costs a anywhere from 80.00-150.00 per cat for a vet visit. A breeder will have more than one breeding pair.
Next preparing yourself for all of your show equipment:
Show cage
Combs, sheers, stripping knives, scissors (one good pair can cost over 100.00) etc…
Powders, whiteners, stain removers, shampoos, conditioners, texturizers, volumizers etc….
Clippers (cheap won’t do for a Persian) typically cost 130.00 and up, not including your blades that need regular changing. Each one at 19.99 and up.
Blow dryers, these can start at 189.00 up to 600.00 depending on type. Most show breeders have multiple dryers.
Entry fees for show, varies depending on how many cats are participating
Hotel fee, airline travel or gas for travel to and from the show
Care takers for your other cats while you are gone(these kitties do not fend for themselves)
Next preparing to breed and birthing needs
You need to have a cage of some sort or birthing place for your cat.
Persians are at high risk for difficult deliveries due to head size.
C-section 800.00-1400.00, treatment for pyometrias or miscarriages 800.00 and up.
Antibiotics for your mother and kittens
Vet fee for any respiratory issues, diarrhea or eye issues that arise with your kittens, no to mention loosing an entire litter.
Cost of vaccines and medications

Supplement milk for kittens, kitten foods( most good breeders will use high quality dry and wet or raw food. Expensive!
Toys for your cats and kitties, condos, teasers, laser lights, balls
Next cost of selling the cats you don’t keep
It is an expense to house and feed kitties until they are ready to go their new home. Dry food, we food, litter.
Vaccinations start at 6-8 depending on your vet.
You must make sure the kitty is healthy, any unforeseen problem must be taken care of before placing a kitty. They must be clear of respiratory problems, free of eye infections, feline leuk and fiv testing, parasite free and tested, dewormed. Free of fungus. This can cost a breeder thousands of dollars to eradicate from their cattery. Any extra testing such as Pkd  DNA testing or PCR titers for the coronavirus.
Health certificates cost anywhere from 68.00 to 140.00 depending on your vet or the area where you live.
Spay 150.00 and up. Neuter 85.00 and up. Nasal opening 300.00 and up. Eye surgeries 1000.00 and up.
Cost of advertising maybe 500.00 a year for a do it yourself or triple that for someone doing it for you. Costs of cameras, camcorders, computers.
Registration fees
Gas to drop off, tolls, wear and tear on vehicles, airline fees(275.00 and up) cost of airline carriers,
Our time
We spend countless hours with our cats and kitties
Bathing, blow drying, shaving, combing, feeding, scooping, etc... Weaning kitties require washings almost daily.
Just playing
This is time taken away from ourselves and our family’s to make sure we provide well socialized and healthy kitties.
I literally sleep next to my birthing mothers when she is due!

I am sure I am missing things but this is informing the customer that good breeders put money right back into their cats. This is the way we price our cats the way we do.