We are dedicated to providing a variety of Beautiful Persians of both bicolor and solids. No smoke or CPC. Our kittens are clean healthy and well socialized in our home. They come with contracts age appropriate vaccines complete Florida State Vet inspection. We are Manatee county licensed. FIV, FeLuk neg. , PKD neg. We can offer references. It goes without saying- Persians are some of the most beautiful cats in the world. Persians come in different coat lengths eye color coat colors and patterns. Persians love to cuddle and snuggle. They love to be included in family activities making them excellent pets. The breed is quiet and docile.  Each persian will have its own personality and wont take long to adapt to its new family.
*Please Note*

Deposits are 300.00 for pets. They are half the cost of the kitten if you are purchasing a breeder. Deposits are taken in good faith and are non-refundable.....
Deposits are only refundable in the case of a kittens death.
No personal checks, I will NOT hold a kitten without a deposit.
All Cats/Kittens come with contracts.

All airlines within the US no longer allow shipping of snub nose breeds via air cargo.
We do have a reliable Pet courier if you should decide to have your kitty/cat transported in cabin. She transports on Saturday only.  Pet courier allows for safe delivery and year round travel.

Cost of courier airline ticket (varies)
cost of kitten ticket (varies depending on airline)
parking 10.00
one meal 20.00
100.00 to courier for services
Overnight stay requires an additional expense.

Kittens and cats will be placed at my discretion and can be refused at anytime with out explanation.