Interested in a Cat/Kitten?

This is my Hobby. Not my living. I have a full time Job.

You must fill out an application or at least read it and answer my questions on the application when you are inquiring.  It will help me determine if I have a fit for you. I will not respond to "one liners".

We take great pride in the quality of our Persian Cats/Kittens. Take the time to read my page on Care of a Persian Cat. It offers some valuable information and offers good resources after adopting. The page explains the extreme cost of raising these babies so that we can provide you with the healthiest kitten possible. We do not sugar coat  with marketing  tools to make sales, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. A flashy website does not always make a good breeder. We are honest. We understand that adopting over the internet can be nerve wrecking, but we try very hard at offering reassurance with step by step instructions so it will be an easy and pleasant experience for you.

Please do your research on a Persian. Even every breed of purebred cats have the potential of developing certain hereditary problems, there are not tests for every genetic disorder. There are a few genetic disorders that can be ruled out, offered by UC DAVIS GENETICS LAB IN CALIFORNIA. Genetic guarantees given on dna testing. It is extremely important to a breeding program that you relay any such information, so we are making the right choices on who we breed.

Kittens that leave here;

Are CFA registered.
They will have a Florida State Health Certificate by a Licensed Veterinarian.
They will have age appropriate vaccines.
There are feline leukemia negative
PKD negative
Fecal Tested and dewormed
I will hand deliver if you need transportation.

Cats are placed at my dediscretion and can be refused at anytime without explanation.

If you can not find what you are looking for here, I will be happy to refer to reputable breeders. You can also call your local Humane Society or local shelters to see if they have specific breeds available. Don't forget to google persian rescues, as they are many looking for forever homes.

email me

Persian Cream Male

DOB 5/23/19


Red Persian Girl
DOB  6-22-19

Show quality Black Persian Boy
DOB 6-22-19

Available as a pet or to a small breeding home.

Cream Persian Boy
Dilute Calico Exotic Shorthair Girl

Retired Adults Available. Age range from 3-7 years.

Blue and white exotic shorthair female
Black and white exotic shorthair female
Tortie Persian Female
Bluecream Persian Female
Cream Persian Male
Blue Persian Male