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Interested in a Cat/Kitten?

This is my Hobby. Not my living. I have a full time Job.

You must fill out an application or at least read it and answer my questions on the application when you are inquiring.  It will help me determine if I have a fit for you. I will not respond to "one liners".

All prices listed are Pet, prices are not negotiable. I reserve right to refusal at any time for any reason.

If you place a deposit, it is non refundable if you change your mind. The only time a deposit is refundable is if something unforeseen should happen to the kitten.

I do not hold kitten without a deposit. That means if you insist on using a check to place a deposit, it will not hold your kitty until it clears. If someone else should also want to place a deposit and theirs is recieved first, your deposit is returned to you.  I will not accept a check for a remaining balance. The internet has now made it very easy to make deposits without the wait. I do not accept paypal.

All my kitties are altered before leaving, so if you are a breeder, please tell me and fill me in on your breeding program. I have contractual restrictions on some of my cats. Prices will be adjusted accordingly to quality and pedigrees or if they are already titled.

Please do your research on a Persian. Even every breed of purebred cats have the potential of developing certain hereditary problems, there are not tests for every genetic disorder. There are a few genetic disorders that can be ruled out, offered by UC DAVIS GENETICS LAB IN CALIFORNIA. Genetic guarantees given on dna testing. It is extremely important to a breeding program that you relay any such information, so we are making the right choices on who we breed.

Kittens that leave here;

Are CFA registered.
They will have a Florida State Health Certificate by a Licensed Veterinarian.
They will have age appropriate vaccines.
There are feline leukemia negative
PKD negative
Fecal Tested and dewormed
Spayed/Neutered before leaving if testicles decended and female is 2 pounds.

You can purchased a grooming package at extra cost. Includes pet blow dryer, comb, nail clippers, shampoo.

On Occasion we have retired adults available. They are altered and up to date on vaccines. Adoption costs are a donation towards their alter fee. You must still fill out the application or answer the questions listed before any consideration.


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Prices Vary Depending on Quality and Pedigree of the kitten.

Pet- 650.00 to 1200.00
Breeder- 1200.00 to 1800.00
Show- 1800.00 to 3000.00
Cats already titled will be additional.
If you are inquiring for show please let me know as they may not be posted.

Cream and White Exotic Shorthair Male

1200.00 Pet
Red Persian Male
DOB 09-18-18
brown classic tabby Male
DOB  10-01-18