Responsible Persian Breeders

Responsible breeders (and you'll note that a responsible breeder is NOT necessarily a show breeder) is someone who cares enough to know about the breed and who has a purpose in breeding a litter.

They are students of the breed.

They try to learn all they can about the parents and lines of the cats they are breeding.

They don't breed for the market or the money.

Normally they breed because they think they can produce a quality kitten and perhaps keep one for themselves. With that in mind, they breed for a sound, healthy cat of their own.

A responsible breeder who tests can still produce cats with genetic or medical conditions. That does not mean a breeder is irresponsible.
Testing is expensive, but a responisble can show you testing proof.(never take anyone's word).

It is the response of the breeder when they find a problem in their bloodlines that will demonstrate their ethics. The purpose of breeding programs is to contribute to the betterment of the breed, and so each new cat and new generation of cats is a learning tool to be used for improving the next generation.

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Region 7
Specializing in Solid and Particolor
We believe in keeping this Beautiful Persian Breed True. Absolutely No Exotic or CPC in any of My Persian Lines.